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This year ATMS invites practitioners to attend a special event, the Menopause Symposium on Sunday 20 September in Sydney.

The Menopause Symposium will provide a unique opportunity for practitioners to understand the physiology of the menopause transition and its impact on women’s physical and psychological health, and the ways in which natural, allopathic and allied health modalities can support that transition.

Hear from five leading experts in Chinese medicine, naturopathy, endocrinology and metabolic physiology, as they share factors impacting menopause symptoms.

Speakers and Topics include:
Dr Kate Levett
Menopause within a Chinese Medicine framework

Leah Hechtman
Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (POI) and infertility

Moira Bradfield-Strydom
The Genitourinary Syndrome of menopause

Dr Soji Swaraj
Working collaboratively with medical practitioners for menopausal women

Ruth Schubert
Managing menopause – A pelvic physiotherapist’s perspective

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