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Mindd International Forum 2019 – Practitioner Training in Functional Medicine

Australian women and children are facing an epidemic of chronic illness. There is a vast need for experienced clinicians to upskill in Functional Medicine and Integrative Healthcare to address the root cause of so many brain-immuno-gut conditions that are becoming all too common (but never ”normal”).

Over 2 days, The Mindd International Forum Practitioner Training provides clinic-focused, research-based training in Nutritional & Environmental Medicine and Integrative Healthcare.

Be among the best-prepared clinicians in the field, with knowledge on how to treat complex chronic illness and a broad variety of Pediatric conditions. Learn to identify and treat underlying infections nutritional deficiencies and toxicity.

At 8.25am on Saturday 23rd March, Leah Hechtman will present:

Microchimerism, mRNA & Parental Wisdom

We are starting to understand how pregnancy changes the mother in unintended ways. No longer can we just put it down to the emotional links between mother and child. Foetal microchimerism describes what our children leave behind in their mothers – cells that are not their own and we know that these cells may help or harm her depending on many variables. What we are also now discovering is that Maternal microchimerism occurs as well – the maternal lioness is more than a maternal instinct – her very cells exist within her child. Synchronistically with this, our understanding of mRNA is evolving in ways we hadn’t predicted. The long held belief that mRNA was only passed down from mother to child has recently been debunked with paternal mRNA showing its presence and impact as well. What does this all mean for us as clinicians? As parents? As human beings? How can we influence these unique genetic pathways and how can we improve the health of future generations? We’ll explore some of the latest research in these fascinating areas and discuss the clinical applications to improve the health for all.


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Attend In-Person or via Live-Stream!

Watch and Listen to Experts from Your Home

If you live outside of Sydney or on the other side of the world, the Mindd International Forum 2019 is available via live-streaming for both Public Education (Food Is Medicine & Integrative Healthcare) and Practitioner Training.

Train, upskill and learn from leading experts in integrative healthcare, without leaving the comfort of your home.