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Researcher Leah Hechtman shares the latest.

FX MEDICINE LIVE with Leah Hechtman at the 2018 ATMS PCOS Symposium

FX MEDICINE LIVE: ANDREW SPEAKS TO LEAH HECHTMAN Leah Hechtman is an experienced and respected clinician and has been in practice for over 20 [...]

Is Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Being Over-Diagnosed?

Leah shares some insights into new biomarkers with a stronger association to ovarian function that are now in early stages of research. These new biomarkers could mean less fear and uncertainty about having a family, but also, potentially less intrusive medical interventions in the long term.

The Blue Zones and Longevity

“What began as a National Geographic expedition to find the longest living cultures evolved into a recipe for living longer”. In case [...]

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