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Leah contributes to a number of texts, journals and other professional literature on a regular basis. She enjoys researching and staying abreast of the latest information and above all, contributing to academic material. A few of her more recent contributions include:

Clinical Naturopathic Medicine

Leah was the sole editor and authored a number of chapters in this textbook. She brought together some of the best researchers and clinicians in the Naturopathic community. Available in paperback and as an e-book. 

Hear more about the book in this youtube clip.

Textbook of Natural Medicine (4th Edition)

Leah was privileged to be selected to author the female fertility chapter and co-author the male infertility chapter with Dr Michael Murray of this Internationally renowned text. 

Herbs and Natural Supplements (4th Edition) - An evidenced based guide

Leah was fortunate to update the Pregnancy chapter she had previously authored with Emily Bradley. Additionally, she contributed and updated a number of monographs.

Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients (2nd Edition)

Leah co-authored the male fertility chapter with Dr Roger Bilica of this popular text.

Nutrition, Fertility, and Human Reproductive Function

Together with the leading reproductive and fertility specialists from around the world, Leah co-authored the chapter 'Naturopathic Treatments for Infertility and Reproductive Disorders' with Dr Joseph Pizzorno in this recently released text.


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