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Your health under Leah's care

What it means to be healthy

When we are healthy, the whole world is full of happiness, the sun shines & the butterflies are all around us. Every single aspect of our lives is improved. Is it when we reclaim this natural state of health that we can feel empowered & strong enough to achieve & accomplish our innermost desires.

Every day our bodies are giving us subtle messages telling us what they need. For example, a craving for salt, is actually our body is telling us that we have lost electrolytes through exhaustion & that we are over stressed. Other messages such as sugar cravings are in fact subtle signs from our body telling us that it needs protein rather than sugar. When we attune ourselves to hear these signals true empowerment can emerge.

By listening to the messages that our bodies give us, we are given a guide as to where the imbalance lies. Even if the imbalance is a blood pressure irregularity or a hormonal imbalance, our body is trying to direct us to where the imbalance lies on a physiological & psychological level.

Optimal health is realistic and attainable. Remember that it has taken time for you to develop your health problems. As such, it will take time for them to heal. Be patient and know that we will work together to help you reach these goals.

Information for patients

At all times throughout your treatment, it is important that you take an active role in your health care. The journey of health is one of change, growth and knowledge. Throughout your treatment you will develop an understanding of your own body and will learn specific strategies for long-term health. Here are a few tips for helping you receive faster relief from your treatment:

Take your medicines as directed

  • Please ensure that you follow directions carefully. Make sure that you never give your medicines to family members or friends without professional advice.

Please give us feedback

  • If there is something you can suggest to improve our service to you we'd love to hear from you If you have enjoyed your experience, refer others!


  • At the start of treatment you may be required to have frequent appointments. As your health stabilises this will be reduced. It is important for your health program that you keep your appointments so as not to delay your progress.

Get adequate rest

  • The healing process is significantly hindered by exhaustion. In the initial stages you may feel the need to sleep more often. Please give in to this intuition, as it is a crucial step in the healing process.

Eat well

  • Throughout your treatment you will be given specific dietary advice. Please follow this advice as much as possible. It has been carefully evaluated and recommended for your specific requirements and health goals. It is important to not feel too restricted so make sure you still enjoy life! Enjoy the 80/20 rule - 80% for your body, 20% for your soul unless specific direction has been made.

Communicate with Leah

  • Please remember that we are working together to help you find greater health. Please communicate any concerns that you may have and help me know which direction you'd like to take with your treatments.


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With urinary tract infections, even though the pain is there and it’s the last thing you want to do, drink, drink and then drink some more water.

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