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At The Natural Health and Fertility Centre we are committed to helping you reach your health goals. As such, we often need to investigate your health more thoroughly. We use highly respected, evidenced based laboratories both in Australia and overseas. Leah is continually training and researching for the best way to understand your health concerns.

Some of her investigation referrals include:

Functional Assessments

General pathology

Fertility specific assessments

Fees and Charges

Each investigation will incur specific charges. Our Naturopaths are able to organise any testing that is required, however, Medicare eligibility is restricted to qualified Medical Practitioners. The functional assessments listed above are generally Medicare ineligible, however, standard pathology testing often attracts a Medicare rebate. As such, each patient's health will be assessed individually. Some patients may be referred to their own GP for additional assessments to receive allowed rebates.

Other assessments

All patients receive a detailed questionnaire to assess their health holistically and thoroughly. Additionally, Leah assesses patients with a variety of assessment tools including:


Iridology, face, hair, skin, nail and tongue diagnosis


Height, weight, BMI, measurements, body fat percentage


Blood pressure, pulse, temperature, urinalysis, physical examination


Mental and emotional health questionnaire and consultation


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